Aloun Marchal


13 Rue Linné 75005 Paris, France

Landalabergen 8, 41129 Gothenburg, Sweden

0033 6 25 69 33 78 (FR)

Studies :

  • SNDO (School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam)
  • Prototype, a 50 days masterclass on the voice in the choreographic partition in Abbaye de Royaumont 2014-2015.
  • Danceweb 2008, Danceweb 2012
  • Master degree in Economics – ENS Cachan, Paris

Prizes and special support :

  • The 2017 grant for innovative choreographic writting from SACD
  • Second prize of the festival “Danse Elargie” that took place in Théatre de la ville of Paris in june 2010
  • Best choreography award of the stuttgarter tanz- und theaterpreis festival 2013 for the dance trio “Gerro, Minoos and Him”.

Own creations :

  • Bibi Ha Bibi, a musical and choreographic performance created in collaboration with Henrique Furtado. Premiered in 2017. played around 12 times.
  • Trippel. A three short integrated dance pieces program. Premiered in Boras in april 2015. A command from the company SPINN. Played around 20 times
  • Gerro, Minos and Him. A trio created in collaboration with Simon Tanguy and Roger Sala Reyner. Premiered in 2011 during something Raw festival, Amsterdam. Has been performed around 55 times here and there in Europe. Has been part of the aerowaves selection 2012.
  • Many site specific creations that took place among other places on beaches, fountains, music stages, museums, foyers and in the street. 


As performer :

  • “Habitat” from Doris Uhlich, premiere april 2017
  • “These associations” from Tino Sehgal at the Palais de Tokyo, october-december 2016
  • “Age d’or”, an integrated dance video from Eric Minh Cuong Castaing in June 2016
  • “Hit the Boom”. A dance show created for the opening ceremony of Impulstanz Festival, Vienna. 
Choreographed by Doris Uhlich. July 2015.
  • “Vem är starkest”. An integrated dance piece for kids choreographed by Gilda Stillback. Premiered in May 2014. 
  • “Imagine”, a dance and stand up performance created by Gilda Stillbäck for SPINN, the first 
swedish integrated dance company.
  • “More than naked”, a performance created by Doris Uhlich (2013)
  • “Hi Hat Express”, an integrated dance piece choreographed by Veera Suvalo Grimberg for 
SPINN, the first swedish integrated dance company.
  • “Obscuro”, an integrated dance piece created by Favela Ortiz for SPINN, the first swedish 
integrated dance company. (2011)
  • “Wombats”, an outdoor improvisation based performance directed by Rosalind Crisp (2011)
  • “Boarder Line”, a site specific performance happening in the biggest European skateboard park in 
Malmö (Sweden), directed by Claudine Ulrich and Jens baldecraft, member of the collective “Sardine Sauvage”. (2010)
  • “Overseas Close by”, a site specific dance-theater performance created by Simone and Monica Truong, Elaine Wing Ha Ho. Created and performed in Beijing (China, 2009)
  • “Hotel Mind”, choreographed by Johanna Levy, premiered at “La ferme du Buisson”, Paris. (2008)
  • “La danse des Eventails”, choreographed by Andy Degroat, premiered in Paris (2005)

As Dramaturge and repetitor

  • Dramaturge of the dance part of “Overseas close by”, Beijing China.
  • Dramaturge and repetitor of a re-creation of “B’rör Mig”, a dance-theater piece choreographed by Gilda Stillbäck and toured in Sweden through dancenet Sweden 2008-2009



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